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Dax uses arch and neovim, btw

Adam & Dax discuss using Linux and Neovim, being vegan, and other annoying personality traits they share.

Live Streaming Economics and Immortality

Adam & Dax discuss the recent Twitch developments and the challenges with running a live streaming service. They also talk about reading books and living forever.

Tech Conferences and Apple's Headset

Adam & Dax discuss the realities of tech conferences as well as Apple's Vision Pro headset.

Replicache, Local First, and Sunburns

Adam & Dax spend way too much time discussing sun exposure, then dive into local-first patterns with Replicache and more.

The Dog Episode

Adam & Dax discuss dogs, Sam Altman's congressional hearing (that neither of them watched), the current state of the venture capital markets, and more.

Twitter Usage and Rewrites

Adam & Dax discuss their Twitter usage and when it's ok to rewrite an app completely.

Vacation, Addiction, and The Jetsons

Adam & Dax discuss their upcoming vacations, alcohol & coffee, social media platforms, Dax becoming an Apple fanboy, and why nobody has invented the Jetsons shower.

Friendships, Open Source Marketing, and Event Driven Architectures

Adam & Dax discuss how each generation views friendship, how SST finally cracked open source marketing, and some serverless topics.

PHP & Laravel Having a Moment

Adam & Dax discuss how PHP & Laravel are taking over the narrative.

Benchmarking, Type Systems, and Good Hustle

Adam & Dax discuss Dax's recent efforts in benchmarking Vercel against OpenNext and then bring on Aaron Francis to discuss type systems and what good hustle looks like.


Adam & Dax discuss... nothing at all, really.

Open Source

Adam & Dax discuss how they got into open source and interview a surprise guest.


Adam & Dax discuss Vercel, the culture around it, and the pros and cons of using it.


Adam & Dax discuss their startup founding experiences and lessons learned.


Adam & Dax discuss more AI craziness and whether anyone will catch OpenAI.

Adam & Dax discuss their latest project: a Discord server for developers who stream programming, and those that like to watch them.


Adam & Dax discuss the SVB collapse and how the government stepped in to prevent catastrophe.

Internet Fights

Adam & Dax discuss their most recent fights on Twitter and the forces that are driving increased anger on the internet.

Signaling the End of React

Adam & Dax discuss signals and what the future looks like for React.

Adam & Dax discuss their recent side project:, a live game show for developers.

AI Takes Over

Adam & Dax discuss the recent tsunami of AI advancements. Also, Adam might be an AI bro.

SST v2

Adam & Dax discuss the release of SST v2.

In-Person, Eh?

Adam & Dax discuss their first tech conference experience in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

Twitter Drama

Adam & Dax discuss the ongoing Twitter drama. Can the remaining staff keep the platform running? Is the world overreacting? Is Mastodon a viable alternative?

Serverless is Dead

Adam & Dax discuss the future of (pure) serverless after an ominous tweet from a prominent figure at AWS.

Renting Computers

Adam & Dax discuss a blog post by DHH where he explains why they're moving away from the cloud and managing their infrastructure in-house.

Remix acquired by Shopify

Adam & Dax talk about the Shopify acquisition of Remix and what it means for the web development landscape moving forward.

To the Edge and back again

Adam & Dax talk about The Edge, serverless, big companies vs. small, CloudFlare vs. AWS, and more.

Next.js Conf 2022 Recap

Adam & Dax discuss the big Next.js Conf takeaways and where the web is headed.

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