Adam and Dax discuss web technologies, the internet, and the future of (basically) everything.

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Replicache, Local First, and Sunburns

Adam & Dax spend way too much time discussing sun exposure, then dive into local-first patterns with Replicache and more.

The Dog Episode

Adam & Dax discuss dogs, Sam Altman's congressional hearing (that neither of them watched), the current state of the venture capital markets, and more.

Twitter Usage and Rewrites

Adam & Dax discuss their Twitter usage and when it's ok to rewrite an app completely.

Vacation, Addiction, and The Jetsons

Adam & Dax discuss their upcoming vacations, alcohol & coffee, social media platforms, Dax becoming an Apple fanboy, and why nobody has invented the Jetsons shower.

Friendships, Open Source Marketing, and Event Driven Architectures

Adam & Dax discuss how each generation views friendship, how SST finally cracked open source marketing, and some serverless topics.

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