Realtime, Dev Tooling, AWS Pain, and Sleep Resets

Adam's lifestyle choices and sleep patterns, technical issues with CloudFlare, AWS and AI, real-time, push-based updates, the challenges faced by dev tool companies and the importance of scalability, the difficulty of learning AWS, and the role of SST in curtailing some of these complexities.

00:57 Let's talk about sleep
09:23 Do you use a password manager?
10:48 Adam's Fancy Bed
14:34 Dax's sandbag workout
16:31 Tech layoffs
20:23 The AWS Exodus
23:57 Salaries in tech
24:53 Will Dax ever run out of tweets to tweet?
28:14 How's your CO2?
30:45 There's always money in the banana stand
33:16 Using Cloudflare
44:53 Everyone is stuck on ternarys
48:36 Is it stress or is it the cold plunges?
54:24 React Miami
01:01:08 Is the real time space heating up?
01:10:16 Adam's teaching

Creators and Guests

Adam Elmore
Adam Elmore
AWS DevTools Hero and co-founder @statmuse. Husband. Father. Brother. Sister?? Pet?!?
Dax Raad
Dax Raad
building @SST_dev and @withbumi
Realtime, Dev Tooling, AWS Pain, and Sleep Resets
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