Why Do People Hate Aurora Serverless?

Adam's wondering why people hate Aurora Serverless? What's happening with AWS rumors and Preinvent / Reinvent? Dax thinks Pulumi is the best infrastructure as code tool. And Adam wonders if he can stop being a jerk on Twitter.

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Topics discussed:
  • (00:00) - What's in a name?
  • (00:30) - Dax makes his own LUTS and Adam's still cold
  • (03:26) - Why do people hate Aurora Serverless V2
  • (10:31) - Preinvent, Reinvent, and AWS Rumors
  • (12:26) - Whats up with Open Search Serverless?
  • (29:18) - Lowering the bar for developer experience
  • (39:43) - SST update tease
  • (41:07) - Issues with Amazon CDK
  • (42:39) - Why is Pulumi is the best infastructure as code tool?
  • (51:00) - Do you lose the ability to roll back safely?
  • (52:37) - Being a jerk on Twitter
  • (59:02) - Hitting a milestone and stopping
  • (01:00:51) - Is AI really the next big thing?

Creators and Guests

Adam Elmore
Adam Elmore
AWS DevTools Hero and co-founder @statmuse. Husband. Father. Brother. Sister?? Pet?!?
Dax Raad
Dax Raad
building @SST_dev and @withbumi
Why Do People Hate Aurora Serverless?
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