Recording Everything Everywhere All at Once

In this episode Adam and Dax talk about the contrasting vibes between the real world and the computer world, the ethics of recording everything one sees or hears, followed by an exploration of the dynamics of finding things in a relationship. Cloudflare and AWS are mentioned, leading to a conversation about the perceived foolishness of being an investor and the potential future of being a venture capitalist. Climate change is checked in on, followed by a personal update on Adam's experience with shingles. They reflect on the impact of the COVID era, before pondering the naming of cities and towns with original names. The episode concludes with a contemplation on the simplicity and beauty of a dirt road.

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Topics discussed:
  • (00:00) - Hunter gathering
  • (00:30) - Rewind
  • (05:01) - Real world vs computer world clean vibes
  • (07:05) - The ethics of recording everything you see or hear
  • (13:19) - Dynamics of finding things in a relationship
  • (17:06) - Cloudflare + AWS
  • (22:25) - Being an investor is the dumbest job
  • (27:14) - Being a VC is in Adam's future
  • (29:34) - Checking in on climate change
  • (37:54) - Adam's shingles
  • (40:54) - The COVID era
  • (47:20) - Naming cities and towns with original names
  • (50:35) - The simplicity of a dirt road

Creators and Guests

Adam Elmore
Adam Elmore
AWS DevTools Hero and co-founder @statmuse. Husband. Father. Brother. Sister?? Pet?!?
Dax Raad
Dax Raad
building @SST_dev and @withbumi
Recording Everything Everywhere All at Once
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