An Interview with Tuomas Artman of Linear

Dax has a conversation with Tuomas Artman of Linear about their mindset when starting Linear, how they developed the Linear Method, was being fast important from the beginning, what the difference is between collaboration and syncing, and what is Linear's tech stack.

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Topics discussed:
  • (00:21) - Introducing Tuomas Artman & Linear
  • (01:38) - What was the mindset when you started Linear?
  • (09:41) - Was the high level of polish intentional from the beginning?
  • (13:59) - How did you develop the Linear Method?
  • (17:46) - How does designing with big companies compare to a smaller company?
  • (19:50) - Was being a fast app important from the beginning?
  • (24:15) - Linear syncs a large portion of your data locally
  • (29:20) - Defining a finite set of data to work with
  • (34:16) - What's the difference between collaboration and syncing?
  • (40:30) - Have you seen more companies take this design approach?
  • (45:04) - What is Linear's tech stack?

Creators and Guests

Dax Raad
Dax Raad
building @SST_dev and @withbumi
Tuomas Artman
Tuomas Artman
Engineer & entrepreneur. Co-founder Linear, previously senior staff engineer at Uber
An Interview with Tuomas Artman of Linear
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