Not Talking About React Drama, Dinosaurs, and Devrel

Adam and Dax are definitely not going to talk about React drama or devrel. Instead, they're sticking to questions about dinosaurs and interest rates and how they impact the economy. (The interest rates. Not so much the dinosaurs.)

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Topics discussed:
  • (00:00) - I'm kind of a big deal around here
  • (00:32) - Ping and Twitch
  • (01:29) - Prettier and Astro
  • (06:52) - Why Dax is bored of the React drama
  • (10:16) - Adam's choose your own adventure topics
  • (11:56) - Is Tech Twitter in a slump?
  • (13:32) - Did they run out of things to build and moved to the server?
  • (15:08) - What is HTMX?
  • (16:56) - Fly's fly fundraising announcement
  • (20:16) - Dinosaurs
  • (29:41) - Fake Startup Simulator
  • (31:36) - Do we talk about things outside of tech?
  • (35:14) - The impact of fiscal policy is yet to be felt
  • (40:10) - Stripe made good docs, and made a bazillion dollars

Creators and Guests

Adam Elmore
Adam Elmore
AWS DevTools Hero and co-founder @statmuse. Husband. Father. Brother. Sister?? Pet?!?
Dax Raad
Dax Raad
building @SST_dev and @withbumi
Not Talking About React Drama, Dinosaurs, and Devrel
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